Review – Wolfpack Clone Trooper: 104th Battalion Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles


Review and Photography by: Mark Picirilli

Review Date:  November 11, 2014

Today, we take a look at the highly anticipated 1/6th scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles, The Wolfpack Clone Trooper (104th Battalion ) Before we jump into the review, here are all the details on him:

Product Size
12″ H (304.8mm)*
Product Weight
2.00 lbs (0.91 kg)*
*Size and weight are approximate values.

Priced at $139.99 and can be pre-ordered  at this link and should be shipping next week.

The Clone Troopers of the Wolfpack squad identify themselves with a distinctive blue-grey decor, designed to honor fallen comrades at the hands of General Grievous. The figure is full articulated and has battle weathered full body armor with the 104th marking deco.

The Wolfpack Clone Trooper comes boxed in a very collector friendly package that allows you to take him out and put him (and all his accessories) back without doing any damage to the package. As you open the box, you will find the clone trooper and all of his accessories on the right side. Check out the boxes images below (click any image on this page to see it full view)

boxssc1  boxssc2

Here are a few shots of him out of the package with no customization’s to him.


He comes with a detailed Phase II helmet with Wolfpack deco, a JT-12 jet pack, a backpack with fabric cover, thirteen (13) interchangeable hands, one (1) pair standing pose feet, one (1) pair action pose feet, a DC-15A blaster rifle with optional spear attachment, a DC-15S blaster carbine and a ‘Star Wars’ logo base. All of these accessories, provide you with many different display options.  The figure is fully articulated. The movement of the figure is smooth. He can easily be positioned for the display look that you want.




As we take a closer look at the Clone trooper, the body armor is weathered. The paint applications are very well done. The weathering looks real and battle damage believeable. You can see that great care went into the detail on this figure.


There are 13 interchangeable hands included. You can easily change the hands. There are hands to hold his weapons and hands that show signals. The figure can be customized. There are also two action feet included. The feet are also easily changed. The sculpt of the feet is very well done. The movement looks natural. The paint application is great – it includes dirt on the feet for a realistic look.



The two included weapons are the DC-15A blaster rifle with optional spear attachment and the DC-15S blaster carbine. The weapons are well sculpted. They are extremely detailed and look realistic. The weapons also appear slightly weathered, as if they have been with the trooper all along!  You can choose to display the clone trooper with either the JT-12 jet pack or fabric backpack. the paint application on the jet pack is a continuation of the armor application. It has the same weathered look. The fabric backpack also appears weathered. No detail was spared on the backpack to make it look real. Take a closer look here.





The Wolfpack Clone Trooper is a great piece! The attention to detail in every aspect of this piece is what really makes it great. The figure itself is sturdy and easily moved. The interchangeable parts work easily. There are enough to different additional pieces that this clone trooper can be customized any way you want – there are no shortage of options. Click here to secure one today.



 Thanks to Sideshow Collectibles for providing us with this sample to review – And to see more images from SSC, click here