Breathe. Just breathe. Reach out with your feelings. What do you see?

Mindfulness is as much a part of the fabric of Star Wars as the Force itself, guiding characters to pause, reflect, and get in touch with their feelings as well as their surroundings. So it seemed like a natural fit as Amy Ratcliffe was exploring the topic for her new book, The Jedi Mind. Part self-guided mindfulness primer and part appreciation of the practice of mindfulness woven throughout the Jedi teachings, the book is paired with beautiful illustrations from artist Christina Chung to give readers bite-sized meditations on everything from letting go to looking inward. is pleased to give you your first look at the cover as well as pages and passages on gratitude and more! Plus, we sat down with the author to discuss what inspired her to link her own practice of mindfulness to the Jedi mind and how she hopes the book can help readers and fans who are new to the idea.

The Jedi Mind cover

Before we clear our minds of questions, here’s what Ratcliffe had to say to a few of ours…

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BBTS News: Marvel Legends, Majora’s Mask, Scooby-Doo, S.H.Figuarts, TMNT, G.I. Joe, Digimon & More!


Toxin, feared by many to be the strongest and most dangerous symbiote, is now a Marvel Legends figure! Legend of Zelda fans can now pre-order Majora’s Mask with LED light-up eyes. Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang are joining the LDD Presents lineup! Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy come with real fabric clothes and each one of them comes with a piece to build your Scooby-Doo figure! New S.H.Figuarts figures this week include Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Dragon Ball’s Jeice. PCS Collectibles is bring out a bunch of new PVC statues from TMNT, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. With an incredible likeness, Blitzway is proud to introduce the official 1:6 scale Jimi Hendrix action figure, a legendary musician who pioneered a new era of rock. Square Enix is venturing into the Marvel Universe with new Variant Bring Arts figures of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America.


Two waves of Marvel Legends have arrived: the X-Men Sugar-Man BAF wave and the Deadpool Sauron BAF wave. Lobo from Injustice: Gods Among Us is now here in 1/12 scale from Storm Collectibles. On top of the S.H.Figuarts that went up for pre-order. Ultra Instinct Goku is now in stock! Anyone looking to cosplay or just wanting to have fun, two wearable helmets are now available: the Star Wars: The Black Series Boba Fett helmet and the MMPR Lightning Collection White Ranger helmet.



On May 21, 1980, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back made its theatrical debut. To celebrate the classic film’s landmark 40th anniversary, presents Empire at 40,” a special series of interviews, editorial features, and listicles.

Inside Ben Burtt’s home office, he’s flipping through a notebook from his time working on Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in search of the name of the farm where he recorded the sea otter behind the bleating vocals of Hoth’s tauntauns and a bathtub full of raccoons for Dagobah’s unseen wildlife. Among the copious notes and audio tapes from his more than four-decade career is a detailed record of the nine months Burtt, the sound designer on the film, and his team spent on road trips across the United States where they recorded everything from a squeaky dumpster lid in Burtt’s yard to a lion feasting on an animal skull. More than a quest to create the soundscape to convey the otherworldly ambiance of Dagobah and so many other locations, vehicles, creatures, and sounds in the Star Wars sequel, it was also the chance to capture more than 1,000 individual audio elements to create the basis for what would become Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound’s audio effects library.

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Luke and his Tauntaun

Gentle Giant Fan Vote Winner Chosen for Premier Guild 2020 Bust!



The votes are in, and a winner has been chosen!

Last week, members of the 2019 Premier Guild cast their votes for one of the 2020 Premier Guild gifts, choosing from Klaatu, Malakili, Tessek and Dr. Evazan. Now, we can announce the victor!

Handily defeating the underdog Malakili, the Rancor keeper, the winner was Tessek, who came out on top with 45% of the vote. Malakli came in with 28%, Dr. Evazan with 22% and Klaatu with 5%.

Tessek, a.k.a. Squidhead, was the Quarren accountant of Jabba the Hutt and was present in his throne room when Luke Skywalker came to free his friend Han Solo.

The 1/6 scale bust of Tessek will be available to pre-order starting this month, with the launch of the 2020 Premier Guild. It is exclusively available to members of the 2020 Guild, and is available as a free selection to members of the Platinum and Gold tiers. It will ship to customers in 2021. 

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer on the Nintendo Switch and PS4

Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical disc for the PlayStation 4 and Switch. Region free. This is an open pre-order for a limited time. Includes full-color interior art and a booklet.


Take the controls as Anakin Skywalker, or any one of over 21 Podracers, and feel the full-force blast of two massive jet engines at simulated speeds of up to 600 mph. Rein in a turbine-driven chariot through 8 spectacular worlds. Negotiate through flaming methane lakes, Tusken Raider assaults, ant-gravity tunnels and much more in a pulse-punding, do-or-die fight to the finish where anyone will do anything to cross the finish line. How far will you go?


Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical cartridge for the N64. This is a fully functional retro game that will work on your classic hardware! Limited to 3,000 copies available worldwide.

This is the six release of our retro Lucasfilm “mint on sealed card” line-up. Each game has been blister packed to an authentic 9″ x 6″ card. Each card will be equipped with a method for accessing the game without damaging the packaging – allowing you to play and display!

These will be carefully shipped in sturdy shipping boxes to avoid damage in transit. 

Internal boards for the cartridge are being supplied by Retro-Bit.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer on physical cartridge for the N64. This is a fully functional retro game that will work on your classic hardware! The Premium Edition is limited to just 2,000 copies available worldwide.

This is the sixth Premium Edition in our retro line-up. Each Premium Edition includes:

  • Premium, individually numbered, foil-stamped rigid book style box. The cover of the box opens gatefold style to reveal the interior contents!
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer game on physical cartridge for the N64.
  • Collectible Star Wars Episode I: Racer coin.
  • Collectible Star Wars Episode I: Racer retro cartridge enamel pin.
  • Full-color booklet/manual.
  • Individually numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • 18 x 24 inch poster.

These will be carefully shipped in sturdy shipping boxes to avoid damage in transit. 

Internal boards for the cartridge are being supplied by Retro-Bit.