The STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired Star Wars Boba Fett Headphones Review


Today, we take a look at The STREET by 50 On-Ear Wired Star Wars Boba Fett headphones. We will start with the package they come in; while you would have to be a fool not to use these for the intended purpose, collectors can be unique, and some focus collectors may choose to keep these in the package. Good news for those collectors, as the package (once the cellophane is removed) is 100% collector friendly and you can unpack and re-pack it without any damage to the package.

The package reminds me of the Hot Toys figures, it’s elegant but useful, check out some pictures of it below:







Included with a First Edition set, is a very cool green and yellow embossed carry case with the Star Wars logo on each side, a removable cable with 3- click mic and soft touch cleaning cloth (both with Star Wars branding), a sheet of first edition Star Wars/Boba Fett themed stickers, Star Wars™ branded owner’s manual, COA and a first edition folded Star Wars™ poster (Sized 12” x18”).

I loved all the accessories it came with and the cable with mic and the built in functions to use when making a call on your smartphone are an added plus. The case is well constructed and fits the folded headsets perfectly. I was a little disappointed to see the poster was folded and put in a sleeve inside the box, which basically makes it unusable for framing, but it’s not a deal breaker. I would have preferred it to be smaller so it could fit in the box without the fold, but no body is buying these high end headphones for the poster. Check out some images of the added accessories:









Now the good stuff, these are very lightweight but well made. They come professionally tuned to deliver amazing clarity and richness without distortion making them ready out of the box, and the sound is insane. If you have yet to try on a pair of high-end headphones, you will be blown away! Never have you heard your favorite songs or games as crisp and clear. The bass is deep but not overpowering and the vocals are crisp and clean.

The headphones have a matte green headband, glossy rust-colored ear caps and ivory leather memory-foam cushions. They are very comfortable to wear.







These headphones are well worth the money. When you think about how much most of us spend on static statues or busts, you get a cool collectible that is an amazing device at the same time. Right now you can get the Boba Fett set (or 3 others) via  for $199.99 with a $20 Gift Card and Free Shipping. This offer ends 9/10/14 so act now. You won’t be disappointed!