New Hot Toys Sideshow 12″, Black Series 40th, Vintage and Gentle Giant Status and Mini-Bust At K&C Collectibles

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K & C Collectibles added New Black Series 40th Anniversary, Vintage Collection 3.75-inch Action Figures, Hot Toys / Sideshow 12″ figures and more Gentle Giant Statue and Mini-Bust.

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Black Series 6″ Action Figures

Doctor Aphra
Luke Skywalker (Imperial Light Cruiser)
Darth Maul The Clone Wars   – ONLY 2 LEFT IN-STOCK

Black Series 6″ Action Figures 40th Anniversary

Biker Scout
Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard)
Han Solo (Endor)
Princess Leia (Endor)
Boba Fett
Admiral Ackbar    – ONLY 1 LEFT IN-STOCK

Vintage Action Figure

VC24   – Wooof
VC56   – Kithaba (Skiff Guard)
VC99   – Nikto (Skiff Guard)
VC132 – Saelt-Marae (Yakface)
VC275 – Boba Fett

Gentle Giant / Diamond Select

Star Wars Gallery Bastila Shan PVC Collectible Statue
Luke Skywalker (Bespin) 1:6 Scale Mini Bust
Han Solo as Stormtrooper 1:6 Scale Statue Milestones
Boba Fett on Throne 1:7 Scale Statue

Sideshow and Hot Toys 12″ Action Figures

Republic Clone Trooper Utapau
Imperial Shock Trooper
41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper
Imperial Stormtrooper
442nd Siege Battalion Clone Trooper
Republic Clone Trooper
BlackHole Stormtrooper
General Grievous

Darth Revan Force FX Elite Electronic Lightsaber with LED/Sound

May the Force be with You,
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