NYTF 2020: Hasbro Star Wars Entertainment Brand Preview Event Video!

Did you miss the Livestream of the Hasbro Entertainment Brand Preview Event from #NYTF2020 this past weekend? Fear not, fans! #HasbroPulse has you covered. Check out our recap of each presentation, by brand, and all of the reveals and sneak peeks on #HasbroPulseUnboxed.

Click here for them all, and click here for Star Wars only! 


NYTF 2020: One Stop Shop For All Toy Fair Coverage

A few days ago, we got home after 4 awesome days at Toy Fair, we still have a few more galleries to post, but we realized that the posts go back 3-4 pages, so here is a link to every article, video or gallery we posted from New York Toy Fair 2020. 

As always, it was a blast and we appreciate all the love and support form everyone on social media over the last few days! It was great to meet up and connect with our friends Justin and James from JediNews.co.uk,  Arnie and Marjorie from Star Wars Action News, Travis from Popvinyls.com, Andrew from Andrew’s Toyz and everyone else we saw and had chats with!  We also will be kicking off more 16 year giveaways into March as we missed posting them for 5 days while at the show! 

NYTF 2020: The Child Lunchboxes and Pencil Cases

NYTF 2020: Mezco Toyz Booth – Part 2

NYTF 2020: Mezco Toyz Booth – Part 1

NYTF 2020: Hasbro Star Wars Entertainment Brand Preview Event Official Images

NYTF 2020: Times Square Disney Store

NYTF 2020: The Black Series Snowspeeder Vehicle with Dak Ralter Figure 6-Inch-Scale The Empire Strikes Back

NYTF 2020: Gentle Giant LTD Images

NYTF 2020: Gentle Giant LTD Video

NYTF 2020: Hasbro Part 10-12

NYTF 2020: Hasbro Part 5-9

NYTF 2020: Hasbro Part 1-4

NYTF 2020: FUNKO Part 1 and 2

NYTF 2020: LEGO The Razor Crest

NYTF 2020: LEGO Part 1 and 2

NYTF 2020: Baby Yoda “The Child” Dress Up

NYTF 2020: Rubies

NYTF 2020: Kotobukiya

NYTF 2020: Gentle Giant Reveals

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