Brett Bartniks shares his latest custom collectible.  Thanks for sharing this with us!

This I had purchased from party city. It had a lot of potential to look great. First I sanded the trademark and logos off it, then took the front piece out on the business end of the blaster. I then drilled little holes in the barrel of the blaster and scored the handle/grip with a razor. It’s time to paint now and this one was fairly easy. I used a spray paint primer then spray painted it black. Now its time for hand paint. I painted the barrel silver/chrome. Then dry brushed the rest of the gun to make it look as if metal was being exposed. I also dry brushed a little gold/rust in a couple areas of the scope. Now it was time to paint the handle/grip of the blaster to make it look like real wood. Last it was just going over the blaster with a black wash or black shoe polish to give it that weathered look. Hope you enjoy!