EA Puts Star Wars Game On Hold

Via Theverge.com:

Last October, EA shuttered Dead Space studio Visceral, but it kept one project alive: a new, story-driven Star Wars adventure helmed by Uncharted creator Amy Hennig. Development was to continue at EA Vancouver — but it looks like that might no longer be the case.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Hennig revealed that she left EA in January, and is currently in the process of forming her own studio. She’s looking to build up a smaller team to potentially focus on VR projects. “I’m doing all this stuff, working on all kinds of things,” she says. But as for the Uncharted-like Star Wars adventure, it appears that development has stalled, and there’s now a very different game in the works.

“I’m not doing anything Star Wars,” Hennig tells Eurogamer. “And, who knows what the future may hold, but that project is on the shelf now. The Vancouver studio is working on something pretty different. It’s really not… Y’know, once you go more open world it’s such a different game to the one we were making. Everybody loved what we were doing and I’d love to see us resurrect that somehow, but it’s complicated.”

EA, for its part, isn’t commenting on the status of the game. But the company did release a statement confirming Hennig’s departure:

“Yes, Amy Hennig has moved on from Electronic Arts. Amy is an amazing storyteller — a crafter and a creator. We have so much respect for her and the creative spirit she brought to the teams and projects she worked on at EA. We wish Amy all the best with what comes next, and we will all be watching with excitement.”

With the ongoing struggles of Battlefront II, and the sting that came from the cancellation of Star Wars 1313, it’s been a rough few years for players looking to explore a galaxy far, far away. But there’s at least some good news on the horizon: Titanfall studio Respawn teased a single-player game called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at E3 this year, which is expected to launch next year.