Via concludes its deep dive into Season One of Star Wars Rebels with executive producer Dave Filoni, discussing the biggest moments of the thrill-a-minute season finale — including the return of a certain Sith Lord and his former Padawan — and what it all means for the Ghost crew. (Consider this your official spoiler warning and, in case you missed them, be sure to read part one and part two of this interview!) On to the season finale. There was something about the Inquisitor’s death — and maybe you disagree — that seemed Jedi-like to me. He didn’t seem afraid to die; he accepted his death. Can you talk about that?

Dave Filoni: It’s interesting. The Inquisitor chose death because it was easier than facing the penalty for his failure. He’s afraid of Vader and knows he would probably die at his hand. That’s why he tells Kanan, “There are far worse things than death.” He gives in to death, but he doesn’t do it like Obi-Wan, surrendering in a poetic way, sacrificing himself for the greater good. The Inquisitor does it out of fear.

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