Marvel’s run of character specific Star Wars tales has proved quite successful thus far, offering unique and inviting insight into a number of favorites from galaxies far, far away. The next such spotlight shines on everyone’s (second) favorite scoundrel, the wide-grinned, silver tongued gambler, Lando Calrissian. His first foray into solo stardom ultimately proves a welcome one, driven by the excellent character work and expansive design come courtesy of Charles Soule and Alex Maleev.
The best thing about this first issue is the sheer breadth of character allowed to our stylish smuggler. Writer Soule shows an immediate understanding of Lando’s various layers, running a full gamut of emotions and motivations over the course of the issue. Balancing the character’s rakish wit with his somewhat duplicitous and self serving nature is no easy feat, yet Soule manages to find the sweet spot more often than not. He gets to be a lover and a cad, a thief and a friend, a mastermind and a pilot—and this is just issue #1. Through it all the character exudes the same easy charm and understated confidence we’ve come to expect, Soule’s dialogue easily readable in the smooth voice of Billy Dee Williams. When paired with Maleev’s spot-on likeness of the character, the overall immersion is quite solid.

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