There’s a scene in Jason Aaron and John Cassaday’s Star Wars comic series where Luke Skywalker crosses paths with Darth Vader for the first time after he blew up the Death Star. Luke is understandably pissed and lets Vader know it: “You killed my father,” he tells him, gripping his ignited lightsaber.

Now, this scene is problematic for multiple reasons — the second issue feels far too soon for Luke to meet Vader, not to mention having Luke meet Vader between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back saps the intense, emotional energy from their epic Cloud City duel.

But once I read the next line from Vader — “I’ve killed very many fathers. You’ll have to be more specific.” — I threw my head back cackling in delight at the surprising yet all-too-perfect response. Not unlike Emperor Palpatine might do. It was then that I knew the license to make Star Wars comics was in good hands at Marvel.

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