New ‘The Last Jedi’ BTS Video Featuring Carrie Fisher and Oscar Isaac


Carrie Fisher and Princess Leia’s famous feistiness lives on in a new bonus features clip from the Blu-ray and digital release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

In a clip, exclusive to PEOPLE, the film’s director Rian Johnson, Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) and Fisher talk about the dynamics between the galaxy’s favorite princess and her roguish commander — in particular, one scene in which Isaac’s Dameron questions his superior.

“That first battle sequence shows his Achille heel which is that he wants to be the hero,” Johnson says.

Isaac adds his own perspective, saying no matter how much his character wanted to be a hero, his arc was more about learning to lead through calculation.

“His old heroics aren’t necessarily what are needed at this moment,” Isaac says.

“The theme of mentors runs through this whole series and to me it made a lot of sense that Leia would be that to Poe,” Johnson adds, referring to the mentor role Fisher’s Leia played in the last Star Wars film.

Fisher herself agrees, adding that Dameron reminded her of another pilot in the Star Wars universe.

“Poe is her protege and in a way, I think she thinks of him as Han,” Fisher says. “He’s very dominating and he doesn’t listen to her so we have some moments together.”

When it came to a memorable and funny scene in which Leia slaps Dameron for his foolishness, Isaac says, “That was one of the first things that we shot and I think we did 24 takes. That was very surreal to be slapped by Princess Leia repeatedly.”

Fisher also remembers the scene with fondness, saying, “There’s more feistiness this time, now that I really like. There’s Leia again.”

Fisher had completed filming her role as Leia for the new Star Wars movie months before her sudden death last December at age 60.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits digital platforms on March 13 — the Blu-Ray comes out on March 27.