We have secured an appointment with the Star Wars Brand Team at San Diego Comic Con and want to be sure we ask all the questions you want answered.  We only have a 10 minute window of time, so we will pick the 10-15 best questions submitted to ask.  Shawn and Brandon are getting ready to cover the event for us this year so we need your questions to come in ASAP, deadline is 7/19/18 at midnight to get them in.  Please email your question to this email address: yodasnews@gmail.com

We assume they will be unable to talk about Episode IX,  so please limit your questions to other lines.  Also, be specific if you can.  For example, questions like “When will we see a new Jar Jar Binks?” won’t be asked, but something like,  “I really loved the Black Series Wampa and TaunTaun, can we look forward to more planet themed larger scale figures and creatures in the next few waves?” will be asked.

Get us your questions and we will ask Hasbro!