This project stemmed from my sister’s dire need for a dining room table, my desire to push my creative boundaries, and mine and my sister’s love for Star Wars. As a college student living in an apartment, my sister had little money for furniture, and it just so happened that I needed a new project for my high school shop class.

Features & the basic rundown:

The top is a representation of the death star (hopefully obvious, otherwise I didn’t do a very good job!), complete with 9 LEDs arranged to look like the 9 points of the super laser. The aprons of the table are finished in a star field with the Star Wars logo in the center. The legs are representations of light sabers and are braced in the middle by an X shaped cross section that was supposed to be a representation of a walkway from the films( a la Death Star in A New Hope or the carbon freezing chamber from Empire Strikes Back), which features action figures of Luke and Darth Vader arranged to appear as though they are dueling.

Unfortunately, I neglected to document any of this project as it was being built, and as a result, this Instructable is much less of a “step by step” and more of a showcase of my work. However, I will do my best to walk through the process of the build, showing each section and trying my best to explain how I did it. I will also offer suggestions for alternative construction methods that would improve the quality of the work or accommodate different situations(denoted by an asterisk [*] and bold text), and I will provide links to the Sketchup model, templates, and other resources that I used throughout the build.

With all that being said, let’s walk through it!

Click below to see the instructions.