I was inspired to create this double size head board because my son is so stuck on Star Wars . He can’t get enough of it. The LED stars are perfect for a child that needs a little extra light at bed time. It takes them away to another world . Who wouldn’t love to fall asleep under the stars ?
The project was created with a simple coloring book. If you can color in a color book, you can definitely accomplish this project with great results !

Tools Needed
Jig Saw
Router with a 3/8 ” round over bit
Drill with a bit size of ( 5/16″ and 7/32″ and 9/32″)
Chop saw or skill saw
Vice grips
3 Paintbrushes Large ,Medium and Small

4’x 8’sheet cut down to 2.3′ xi 5′ 3/4″ MDF sheet
1″x4″ 8 foot board
12 1 1/4 ” wood screws
Four each of (1/4″ carriage bolts )(1/4″ nuts)(1/4″ Flat washers)

1 string of 35 or less LED Christmas lights
2 Black Sharpe fine tip pens
Clear Varnish spray or liquid

Acrylic Paint Colors
1 Cobalt Blue
2 Light grey
3 Dark Grey
4 White
5 Black
6 Silver
7 Dark Metallic Gold
8 Yellow Metallic Gold
9 light brown
10 Dark Brown
11 Antique white (off white for skin tone)
12 Georgia Clay (Red/orange mix)
13 Plum or purple wine
14medium yellow
15 light green
16 dark green

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