Star Wars in Halo 5 – Fan Creation


“Starfighter Combat” is exactly what it sounds like.

Following the Halo 5: Guardians Star Wars podracing Forge mode comes another one themed around the sci-fi universe. This one lets you battle in space.

Xbox Live user CaptainDireWolf, who made the podracing mod, is behind this one as well. It’s called “Starfighter Combat,” and it supports 2-12 players. You play on a team of either X-wings or TIE fighters, and the object is simple: take out your enemies using any means necessary.

The Star Wars spaceships are modified Banshees. To kill your opponents, you need to either shoot the exploding barrels on the ships or aim at the Banshee itself, which is partially exposed. This map/mode makes use of a glitch, so expect some issues and oddities.