‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 2

Via Christianpost.com:

“Star Wars Rebels” Season 2 will start to air on Oct. 14 at 9:30 pm on Disney XD and will feature more than 20 episodes. The animated series will introduce three clones from “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”. The three clones who will be joining the Rebels in their fight against the Empire are Captain Rex, Captain Gregor and Commander Wolffe. Also joining them will be Ahsoka Tano, who revealed herself in the finale of Season 1.

The Rebels find Captain Rex and the other two clones living in the desert in an AT-TE walker. The clones are loyal to Ahsoka, but they do not like the Jedi and Kanan. There is friction between them.

Viewers will see more of the super villain Darth Vader as Tarkin seeks his help to exterminate the Jedi and the Rebels.

Ahsoka Tano, who – as the mysterious Fulcrum – had provided accurate information to the crew of the “Ghost,” has revealed herself in the finale of Season 1. Will she have a greater role in the coming season?

According to USA Today, executive producer Dave Filoni says, “Our heroes need some help so she was definitely someone we thought we could call upon.”

There are speculations that more villains are lining up for Season 2 and the story line has been visualized as non-stop action since the last season clearly laid down the premise that the various rebel groups scattered across the galaxy will unite to fight the Empire.

These rumors are gathering force as it is confirmed that Sarah Michelle Gellar has been cast in a mystery role this season. According to Den of Geek, Filoni confirmed this and said, “We’re thrilled to have Sarah Michelle Gellar on board for season two. She is a true Star Wars Rebels fan and her passion undoubtedly comes through in the voice recording sessions.”

The number of episodes of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 is assumed to be 20+ in number. This is because the first season had a total of 13 episodes and Star Wars Rebels actor Freddie Prinze Jr., who voices Kanan Jarrus, the Jedi Warrior, confirms that Season 2 on Disney XD will have “nearly twice as many episodes.” In fact, he tweeted: “I can’t wait for season 2 to start for you guys. We have recorded nearly twice as many episodes. You guys are gonna love it!”

So fans of the Star Wars can enjoy “Star Wars Rebels” Season 2 this October and November before heading to the theatres for the upcoming movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” in December.