Brett Bartniks shares his latest custom collectible.  Thanks for sharing this with us!

I just finished my latest Star Wars project. It is a Jakks Pacific 18″ Scarif Shoretrooper. I repositioned the right arm so he was holding the blaster in the air. I repainted him to look like a Scarif Shoretrooper Squad Leader instead of how he came as the regular Scarif Shoretrooper. I wanted to give him some color and it came out looking great. I also repainted the blaster and then made a custom base for him. It is a beach style base with a cargo box I made. I then made it look like it exploded in the front. I wanted to make it look like he was in a harsh battle just like in Rogue One. I also put A Lightsaber in the cargo box like it was precious cargo and they were trying to get it to Darth Vader. Haha.