EA Says Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Come Out This Fall

Via Theverge.com:

Electronic Arts said today that it’s next Star Wars game, to be called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, will come out this fall. The company had previously set 2019 as the release window for the story-focused game, which is in development with EA-owned studio and Titanfall creator Respawn Entertainment. But we haven’t gotten anything more concrete until EA disclosed the spring deadline in its quarterly earnings announcement this afternoon.

Given recent news that EA scrapped its narrative-focused Star Wars game under the EA Vancouver studio, it’s good news to hear that Fallen Order is on track for a release later this year, although there is still the remote possibility that EA will decide to push its release date into 2020. That said, with the EA Vancouver project no longer in the works, fans are looking to Respawn to deliver what they hope is a strong, story-focused Star Wars game, given EA’s focus in recent years on the Battlefront franchise.

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