Gentle Giant Studios Helps The Star Wars Show “Keep it 100” with The Star Wars Show 100th Episode Commemorative Statuette

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…and by a long time ago we mean every week, and by far, far, away we mean in a renovated copy room at Lucasfilm Headquarters. It’s The Star Wars Show! The hilarious Emmy nominated weekly short form variety show produced by the team, immortalized in a collectible statuette from Gentle Giant.

The statue is hand painted and limited to 500 pieces, and features the iconic TIE Fighter Coffee Table as a base, as well as The Star Wars Show’s droid mascots stacked on top of one another capturing the action. There’s Gonk, the slow moving battery supporting the weight of the “Director of Chopperations” C1-1OP, who is holding boom operator/mouse droid extraordinaire CH-33Z!

The Star Wars Show may not be the only Star Wars show on the internet, but it is the only one with a Gentle Giant LTD. Statuette!

While this is not an official Gentle Giant LTD product, the Gentle Giant Studios crew put the same amount of love, care and craftsmanship into this piece for our friends over at the Star Wars Show as we do for all of our statues and we are assisting them to get these into the hands of their fans.

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