JAKKS Force Friday images

Here is a quick roll of all the amazing JAKKS Pacific Episode VII product offerings!

1: Star Wars Episode VII BIG FIGS 20²

The new Gold Standard in kids action figure play is here! Value priced at only $19.99 SRP, JAKKS BIG FIGS stand between 18″ and 20″ tall and most figure includes 5-7 points of articulation, a signature accessory/weapon and real fabric capes. Our initial line up of figures from the new film includes:

Kylo Ren

First Order Stormtrooper

Poe Dameron

Captain Phasma

And while this wraps up our initial wave of figures from the new film (many more to come in both 2015 and 2016!), be sure to look our for additional Classic Star Wars offerings including Jedi Luke Skywalker, Greedo, Stormtroopers, an all new Sandtrooper and for the first time a single release of the Classic Tuskin Raider. You¹ll find these Classic figures in new Episode VII packaging look right along side the figures from The Force Awakens!

2: Star Wars Episode VII BIG ! FIGS Massive scale 31″ figures

Prices at only $34.99 SRP, t hese huge 31″ tall figures are the ultimate gift and will stand out in your man cave, play room or Star Wars base. Our 31″ Massive Big Figs have 5-7 points or articulation and a signature weapon ready for battle. For Episode VII we are offering two new figures:

Kylo Ren

First Order Stormtrooper

Yoda – the Jedi master himself is now in JAKKS 31″ Massive BIG FIGS line in scale with other 31″ figs at 20″. He comes with his lightsaber and removable robes.

R2-D2 – both a standard and deluxe version is available of everyone’s favorite Astro droid in scale to other 31″ BIG FIG Massive figures. The standard version features a rotating dome and articulated legs.($49.99, note price) and the deluxe version features 13 different cycles of lights, authentic movie sounds (beeps and whistles), and automated movement in his legs. I’ll post a video shortly of this amazing DELUXE BIG FIG. ($69.99, note price)

3: Star Wars BIG FIGS Colossal scale 42″ figures. $99.99 SRP

Here is something new and amazing! Standing at as whopping 48″ inches, our Colossal scale BIG FIGS are interactive with an amazing motion detection feature. When you enter the room, the will recognize your presence are respond with movie lines and sound effects! We have two offerings in this scale new for the fall:

-From the Classic Star Wars films, the Dark Lord of the Sith himself, Darth Vader. Vader includes two modes, friend and foe, letting you switch between threats and obedience to you his new master! A push button on the chest also manually actives the sounds. You can switch between friend and foe mode with a simple toggle switch on his belt.

-And from the new film Episode VII The Force Awakens is the Ne! w Order Stormtrooper. Ready to guard your man cave and capture an Resistance Fighters, the Stormtrooper has one mode (capture the good guys!), but the same motion detection feature as Darth Vader as well as a manual chest button that actives the same movie lines and blaster sound effects. The Stormtrooper also has an additional elbow joint to allow him to pose with his blaster at ³ready², and honestly look really flipping cool in any room like this!

Look for all the JAKKS BIG FIGS in 20″, 31″Massive scale and now new 48″ Colossal scales! Sold wherever fine toys can be found! Check out JAKKS.com for a complete look at all of our BIG FIGS for Star Wars and other brands as well as sneak peaks at upcoming new waves that will ship though out 2015 and into 2016 too!

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