Mark Hamill Teasing Fans About Episode 9 Title


Fans know all kinds of tidbits about Star Wars: Episode IX. They know J.J. Abrams is directing, that much of the cast is back, that the late, beloved Carrie Fisher will somehow appear.

But they don’t yet know the title, and star Mark Hamill is well aware of that fact. Hamill tweeted out a single word in two separate tweets, one on Thursday and one on Friday, leading some to believe he’s teasing the Episode IX title. More likely, he’s just teasing.

Hamill’s Thursday tweet read “THE (to be continued…),” and his Friday tweet read “PURPOSE (cont’d).”

When Hamill had just tweeted THE, it seemed likely that he was playing a title-related joke, since the earlier two films in this trilogy both began with “The.” But “Purpose”? That doesn’t seem like a very Star Wars word, certainly not along the lines of the rumor that the title will be “A New Order,” playing off the 1977 film’s “A New Hope” subtitle.

Hamill wasn’t saying what his THE PURPOSE tweets mean, but fans had fun with it.

Wrote one, “Spoiler alert: “The purpose of these tweets is to make you think I’m revealing the title of Episode 9 when in reality I’m just trolling all of you!”

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