NYTF 19: Giant Giant LTD at Diamond Select Booth

Had a great Q&A -still at the show, but in summary:

1- Diamond does NOT have a license in place with Lucasfilm for Star Wars. Not known when or if that will happen.
2- Anything in the pipeline will be coming out as planned, anything you order on GG’s website will be filled
3 – Old lines like Scaled Helmets will not be looked at again (sorry) at this time
4- Don’t plan to see any new others other than what was shown today at the show (for now)
5- If new items come, 2020 or beyond most likely
6- PGM ends in June for now, plans for next year being discussed. 
7 – Diamond got certain assets and products in the deal.
8 – Marvel GG future items – not likely to see more.
9 – Everything is in motion at this time, never say never, but I don’t think we will see anything new anytime soon.