Pininfarina FOREVER STAR WARS EDITION Writing Tool Review

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The innovation of the futuristic writing tool is perfectly combined with the Force of Star Wars to celebrate the new chapter of the saga. “The Force Awakens” with this precious and unique must-have item, thought for Star Wars lovers. It is the revolutionary writing instrument, born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Napkin and completely hand made in Italy from master craftsmen, that has a precise stroke like a pencil but it cannot be erased like the one traced by a pen.

The tip in Ethergraph, realized with a special metal alloy, conceived and created by Napkin, allows to write limitless with no ink and no refill. Taking inspiration from the Cambiano concept car, elegant and essential lines have been created that, thanks to the combination of innovative and classical material, as the aluminum and the wood, confer a unique character to the object.