This is a safe space. We all love Star Wars here, warts and all. That’s part A. Part B is that just about every character name in the entire franchise is beyond stupid. There’s no two ways about it. As much as we love him, Luke Skywalker has a pretty dumb name. But just making up spacey sounding character names is fine, and even expected nowadays; it’s part of the old-timey Flash Gordon-esque nature of the saga. What we take issue with is when the names are just lazy embellishments of the character’s physical attributes or personality.

Since there are so many characters on screen, and each has a name, species, and planet of origin–shortcuts need to be taken. At least that’s George Lucas’s logic. The squid-looking aliens are called Mon Calamari. I mean, guys. Han Solo is a loner. All the Darths are some kind of modification of a bad thing. General goshdarn Grievous! So that’s where we’re starting with this list, the silliest and needlessly literal names in Star Wars. These 11 are in no particular order, but to start, we have the most recent.

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