Taylor Gray Has ‘High Hopes’ For Ezra’s Return

Via Screenrant.com:

Taylor Gray reveals that he’s hoping that there is a future for Ezra in Star Wars following his stint in Star Wars Rebels. The actor is the voice behind the Lothal orphan turned Jedi Knight, whom fans have rallied behind alongside the rest of the Ghost crew for four years. For quite some time, many have presumed that Ezra would turn into the dark side following several times he was tempted to switch sides, especially with Darth Maul lurking at the sidelines.

However, he proved his doubters wrong by staying on the Jedi path that Kanan started him in, and even chose what is right amidst the most tempting offer from Emperor Palpatine. In the end, he decided to sacrifice his life just to make sure that Lothal is safe, staying with Grand Admiral Thrawn as the Purrgil jumped to hyperspace with the villain’s ship. But with Rebels not giving any definitive resolution to the two’s ultimate fates, we are still hoping that both will eventually make their returns.

Speaking with Hidden Remote regarding the four brilliant seasons of the Dinsey XD series, Gray looked back at some of his most favorite moments, as well as his thoughts on Ezra Bridger’s ultimate fate. And like most fans, the 24-year-old is also keeping his fingers crossed for the return of the character at the Star Wars forefront.

“I think it was a great sacrificial ending and it wrapped up the story; Lothal is safe and Ezra became whole as a Jedi and learned the way of the Jedi through selflessness. I have high hopes for him to return – he’s grown into a formidable Jedi and we know he’s out there somewhere amongst the Purrgil in deep space.”

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