(Warning – the following contains major SPOILERS related to the recently released Star Wars #15. If you haven’t yet read the comic book, but intend to do so, then proceed with whatever level of caution this warning suggests to you is wise…)

Now, for fans of the Star Wars prequels, the idea that anyone (Anakin Skywalker aside) could hate Obi-Wan Kenobi is kind of difficult to comprehend. After all, not only was Kenobi one of the most daring, caring and entertainingly glaring Jedi around, he was also – especially as played by Ewan McGregor – ridiculously cool. Hating him would be a little bit like hating The Fonz, Big Bird or Tom Hanks – you can imagine hypothetically wanting to out of envy, but you’d never actually be able to pull it off.

And yet, back in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Luke’s uncle Owen sure did seem to dislike ‘Old Ben’, describing him as a “crazy old man” in a tone that didn’t suggest a whole lot of fondness.

As it turns out, though, Owen might just have had a damn good reason. Y’see:

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