When Will Lucasfilm Announce The Star Wars Episode 9 Title?

Via Screenrant.com:

Some people are speculating Lucasfilm will announce the Star Wars: Episode IX title soon, but it likely won’t be unveiled for a while. Director J.J. Abrams started rolling the cameras on the film at the beginning of August, and fans have been eager to learn anything they can about the Skywalker saga’s grand finale. Plot details are being kept under firm wraps for now, but the studio has been transparent about certain aspects. Viewers know the plan for General Leia Organa in Episode IX, and there mercifully won’t be a “will he or won’t he?” debate about Mark Hamill’s return.

One aspect that remains a mystery is the film’s title, which will no doubt reveal plenty of clues about its narrative. Star Wars titles have a way of being very simplistic in regards to their relation to the movie’s events. For example, The Empire Strikes Back was all about the Empire crushing the Rebels after the Battle of Yavin, and The Force Awakens dealt with Rey discovering her abilities. Since there’s still more than a year until Episode IX releases, Lucasfilm is in no rush to share the title, but there are those convinced the reveal is right around the corner.

The genesis of the hypothesis stems from notorious social media prankster Hamill cryptically tweeting “THE (to be continued).” on September 13, 2018. Since the titles for both Episode VII and Episode VIII began with the word “the,” some believe Hamill is teasing the Star Wars 9 title. While it’s certainly possible Episode IX has another “the” name (it’s like poetry, it rhymes), Lucasfilm isn’t revealing it anytime soon.

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