There are few franchises more suitable for the transition to the comic book page than Star Wars.
Ever since Marvel released their adaptation of the original film back in 1977 which led to a 107 issue run right through to 1986, comics have been at the forefront of Star Wars literature.
Save for a five-year dry period (known to long time fans as The Dark Times) there have been titles to collect, be it that classic Marvel run, the movie adaptations, annuals both here and in the States and treasuries.
In 1991 Dark Horse took up the vacant license after Marvel turned it down and a golden age of Star Wars comics began, bringing us tales from the distant past (Dawn of the Jedi) the far future (Legacy), one-shots focusing on Artoo and Threepio (The Protocol Offensive, co-written by Anthony ‘C-3PO’ Daniels) and even multi-title crossovers that spanned thousands of years (the Vector storyline).
Fans loved them and bought them in their droves, but the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney back in 2012 meant the writing was on the wall for Dark Horse and Star Wars and it was no surprise when Marvel Comics – also owned by the House of Mouse – regained the license to produce Star Wars comics once more.

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