The Star Wars universe is vast, offering plenty of time and space to be explored between movies. And ever since Disney abandoned the previous Expanded Universe of novels and other tie-in material, it is actually possible to catch up with all the supporting canon—even if that’s still quite a bit.

Marvel’s new Star Wars comics began in 2015, mostly following the exploits of major characters like Leia and Darth Vader. After a year and a half, there are enough comics that it can seem a little daunting (not to mention expensive) to try and read all of them, so we’ve put together a reader’s guide to each series.

Star Wars
The main Star Wars comic is a direct continuation from Episode IV, when Luke was still young and untrained as a Jedi apprentice. Rather than exploring a snapshot moment in the life of one or two characters, it launches the kind of epic story that was previously told in the old “Legends” books. It also clarifies why Han and Leia both have solo series, while Luke does not: Luke is the protagonist of Star Wars, with the others as supporting characters with their own subplots.

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