Looking to enslave the galaxy or free it? Either way, ANOVOS has just what you need! These new uniforms are crisp, eye-catching, and scream panache no matter what side of the Force you’re on. Pre-orders will kick off this week at San Diego Comic-Con, but has your first look.

ANOVOS X-wing Pilot

All wings report in! Ready to join the Rebels and blow up the Death Star? Then check out ANOVOS’ awesome new replica of the flight suit worn by Luke, Porkins, Biggs, and Wedge as they piloted their X-wings into battle against the Galactic Empire. (Whether you turn off your targeting computer during an attack is entirely up to you.) It also comes with an optional flight jacket in your preferred size.

Based on original artifacts in the Lucasfilm Archives, this suit features every minor detail imaginable, including the buckles on the ribbed flak vest and the chest box in the front. Now that you look like a Rebel pilot, minus the boots and helmet (coming soon), all you need is a starfighter or a snowspeeder and you can take on the whole Empire yourself! Just watch out for those AT-ATs.

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