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STAR WARS BOMB SQUAD CLONE TROOPER: ORDNANCE SPECIALIST 12″ FIGURE – This 12″ Clone Trooper figure comes in orange and white armor with many alternate hands as well as a fabric-covered backpack, a bomb with diffuser, alternate feet and weapons. He is listed at $149.99.

EFX STAR WARS BIKER SCOUT HELMET REPLICA – LIMITED EDITION – This fantastic new replica is limited to 750 pieces. It features a front visor that pivots open, a fully padded interior, a display base, a Certificate of Authenticity and more. It was designed from the original wood pattern version, complete with the original decal sheet, and is priced at $699.99.

2014 STAR WARS 3.75″ BLACK SERIES 02 – SET, SINGLES – More options are now available for this wave. We now have single listings for Ree Yees at $12.99 and Jabba’s Skiff Guard at $13.99; these two can also be purchased along with Wedge Antilles and Darth vader (Episode III) as a Set of 4 for $49.99.

STAR WARS SOFUBI EXCLUSIVES – C-3P0 stands almost 10″ tall and is priced at $184.99. R2-D2 is also on the way. He is priced at $184.99 as well and stands about 6.3″ tall.


STAR WARS 12″ IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER IN HOTH BATTLE GEAR JUMBO FIGURE – This 12″ figure takes its cues from the old Kenner 12″ figures and is a scaled up version of the original 3.75″ figure. It comes with a blaster and is priced at $75.99, $9 off the MSRP.