Star Wars: Galactic Baking – Exclusives

Insight Editions just got some additional recipes from Star Wars: Galactic Baking available and are sharing them with us for an exclusive release only on YodasNews. The book is available for preorder on Amazon and

Check then out and big Thanks to Insight Editions for the images, the book is out May 4th! Click each image below for the fulll size image!

BBTS News: Super Robot Wars, Marvel Legends, MAFEX, Transformers, Leatherface, Evangelion, Godzilla, BTTF, Attack on Titan & More!

The next Marvel Legends wave is all Super Villains with a Xenmu Build-A-Figure! Inspired by the character’s appearance in the Beast Wars animated series comes this special edition Transmutate figure! Billy Butcher from the hit series The Boys, is now a MAFEX figure! Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – The Game is a solo board game experience in which a player dons the cowl and journeys through Frank Miller’s iconic Batman adventure. Levi from the anime and manga series Attack on Titan is brought to us as a 1/8 scale statue! Kotobukyia presents the Leatherface statue, expertly replicating his appearance in the 1974 film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as part of the ArtFX line! From the second season of the anime series One-Punch Man comes the 1/6th scale articulated figure of the villain, the “Hero Hunter” Garou! Megatron’s most loyal and reliable of Deceptions, Soundwave (and his devotee spy-trooper Ravage) are back from threezero!

Great Scott! Doctor Emmett Brown, the genius behind the first time machine and one of the greatest movie characters of all time, is joining NECA’s Ultimate line. This colossal 2-foot scale Titan Class WFC-S29 Omega Supreme figure features a G1-inspired design and converts to Autobot Command Center mode, made up of a tank, rocket, control tower, and defense perimeter. A whole bunch of Chronicle Collectibles replicas and statues are here with savings of 24-50%! Warner Bros brings some tunes from our past with this vinyl record featuring songs from Batman (1989)! MP-51 Arcee thoroughly brings out the styling of Arcee that appeared in “Transformers: Animated”. In robot mode, the backpack is made as compact as possible to reproduce the attractive styling of Arcee in the animation. Arcee in vehicle mode shows off a futuristic car type vehicle with a beautiful curved line.The exclusive Kid Goku features an all new color variant and comes with several interchangeable accessories includes face plates and hands. The exclusive Kid Goku S.H.Figuarts figure features an all new color variant and comes with several interchangeable accessories includes face plates and hands.

BBTS News: ThunderCats, Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, Frankenstein, Mythic Legions, Star Wars, DC Multiverse, Wolverine & More!


With the Ultimate ThunderCats from Super7 you can relive the excitement of the classic ThunderCats cartoon like never before. From McFarlane Toys comes the latest addition to the Mortal Kombat line of figures! This 6-inch Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Tenga Warrior figure features premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show, over 20 points of articulation for high poseability, Tenga egg accessory with blast effect piece, and an alternate pair of arms with wings for more ways to play or display. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the acclaimed silver-screen classic Frankenstein, NECA announces the triumphant debut of Universal Monsters in its Ultimate action figure line! Mythic Legions is an expansive fantasy world of action figures created by the award winning Four Horsemen Studios. From the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, The Heavy Infantry Mandalorian is equipped with heavy beskar armor and a powerful blaster cannon. The next DC Multiverse wave is from Batman: Last Knight on Earth!


Neca is proud to present the definitive version of Freddy as he first appeared in the 1984 classic. Freddy stands nearly 7 inches tall and features an all new fully articulated lower body featuring ball-hinged thighs and knees. The Ubiquitous diorama set lets you create and build your own sci-fi environments which are perfect for displaying 1/12 and 1/18 scale action figures. From Rebor comes the newest dinosaur to their Grab N Go series, the SA T-Rex. Mondo is proud to present the original soundtrack album, for one of the most beloved films of all time: Back To The Future! This special “1994” edition of BotCon Beyond The Convention: The Ultimate Product Guide, is only available at BigBadToyStore! The 144-page, softcover book has an exclusive cover featuring Generation 2 Breakdown and is limited to only 300 copies.

Celebrating Our 17 Year Anniversary! Prizes All Month Long!

For the past 17 years, we have had the honor of bringing you daily news, product reviews and coverage of many conventions.  We have posted over 44,187 articles since 2004, we have never missed a single day in 17 years! We have enjoyed sharing our love of Star Wars with you.  As our 17 year anniversary is upon us, we would like to thank both our staff and our readers.  To our staff, we are grateful for the commitment, drive, and energy that you to bring to Yodasnews. Without your tireless dedication, none of this would be possible.  To our readers, it is your dedication and loyalty that keeps alive this great franchise; it is a pleasure and an honor to share it with you.

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BBTS News: Dragon Ball, Transformers, MOTU, Dorohedoro, Halloween, Gridman, Death Stranding, Pokemon, TMNT & More!


Launch now joins S.H.Figuarts with full action! As well as post-sneeze blonde hair for her, various optional parts recreate the scenes from the series! From the Gridman Universe comes a highly detailed, extremely articulated figure of Gridman! Straight out of the classic 1981 sequel, Mezco’s MDS Mega Scale presents the boogeyman himself, Michael Myers! Transformers Generations Ectotron Ecto-1 is back up for pre-order. From the popular manga series Dorohedoro comes a figure of Ebisu! Fans of classic action series like Masters of the Universe can rev up their car collections with this awesome 5-pack of Hot Wheels character cars inspired by the heroes and villains they love! Great Scott! Worlds collide in this Transformers-Back to the Future mash-up pack! The iconic time machine from the 1985 Back to the Future movie is now Gigawatt, a time-traveling Transformers robot! Supervised entirely by Kojima Productions, the popular game Death Stranding releases figma figures of Sam Porter Bridges. Waxwork Records is proud to present the deluxe vinyl release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Part II: The Secret of the Ooze Original Motion Picture Score by John DuPrez.


Peter Parker and Miles Morales are here from the MAFEX action figure series. The Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Tantive IV Hallway playset and wave 31 figures, featuring Anakin Skywalker, Queen Amidala, a Battle Droid and a TIE Fighter Pilot, have arrived! New Star Wars: The Black Series figures are here with the Gamorrean Guard and Ezra Bridger. From Avengers: Endgame, Iron Patriot is a part of the Marvel Legends Series. Along with Iron Patriot, X-Men’s Magneto has also arrived from the Tri-Sentinel BAF wave. Three new Bishoujo statues have arrived with Beetlejuice, Sniper Wolf and Black Cat.

BBTS News: ThunderCats, Transformers, TMNT, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, Ultraman, Star Trek & More!

From the Super7 Ultimates line comes the Thundertank from the classic ThunderCats animated series! Build the ultimate Transformers battlefield with the Siege Voyager Seekers! After the formation of the Galactic Empire, a small group of highly skilled enlisted recruits, Elite Squad Troopers, is tasked with neutralizing anti-Imperial insurgents throughout the galaxy. Driven insane by excess radiation, the Maestro wields Bruce Banner’s intelligence and the Hulk’s strength to rule a dystopian realm of the future. Now Maestro is part of the Marvel Legends Series. Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul join Star Wars: The Vintage Collection with 3.75 inch scale figures. From the tokusatsu film, Shin Ultraman comes an S.H.Figuarts of Ultraman! Transformers have joined Super7’s Ultimates figure line.

Inspired by the Marvel Universe, this Marvel Legends Series War Machine 1:1 full-scale premium helmet is highly detailed and features electronic lights and sounds. With Wave 2 of the Ultimates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Super7, you can relive the fun and excitement of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures. Masters of the Universe: Origins wave 3
is here! In 1940, Mickey Mouse made his feature-length film debut in the now classic Disney animated film Fantasia. In honor of the movie’s 80th anniversary, QMx is bringing you the ultimate expression of Fantasia’s magic – the Sorcerer Mickey Q-Fig Max Elite. The all-stars of the DC Universe have joined the Mego style figure lineup. Inspector Gadget from the Megahero series has arrived! From the 1994 comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, this clothed action figure of Ace is based on the Shady Acres sequence to investigate the mysterious Ray Finkle.

ARTFX Mandalorian & The Child Statue by Kotobukiya

Click below for all the images and to Pre-Order!

From the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, comes a 1:7 scale ARTFX of the Mandalorian, a bounty hunter during the New Republic era tasked with a very special mission. 

Outfitted in newly crafted Beskar armor this scale figure features the latest suit upgrades along with a brand-new jetpack. Additionally, the right shoulder pauldron can be displayed with or without the Mudhorn™ signet. 

The Mandalorian is rendered brandishing his IB-94 blaster pistol, in an original pose capturing the essence of this bounty hunter searching for his latest target in the Outer Rim territories.

Right next to the Mandalorian’s foot is the Child (Grogu™). The Child can be repositioned on the base, making it possible to display him in multiple locations.