The Great Philadelphia Comic Con – Day 2 and Wrap Up

Today was way more crowded, most likely because there were several guests (like Val Kilmer) who were only there Saturday and Sunday.  I was glad I was able to get all the Star Wars autographs and meet and greets yesterday, as today the lines were so long.  3 times I tried to get back in Jeremy Bulloch’s line to help a buddy and each time it was well over 30 people, and he is not as quick as he used to be (and he loves to chat), so I ended up having to leave the line each time.  Some folks I spoke to said they waited well over 2 hours, which is crazy when on Friday he had no line and we chatted for well over 5 minutes.  Tip for next year, take the day off work and go Friday. Everyone from my Day 1 report (link here if you missed it) was also there today.  The only autograph I picked up today was Kilmer, it was steep at $80 but I have always wanted to meet him, so it was well worth it.

I hit up a few panels today, the Star Wars – a Motion Actor’s perspective with Paul Kasey and the Star Wars Bounty Hunters panel with Cathy Munroe, Bill Hargreaves, and Jeremy Bulloch! I wanted to get to the Producers Journey….From Star Wars to Framing Rabbits with Robert Watts but it was at the same time I had my ticket for Kilmer, so I missed it. 

I spent the rest of my time chatting with friends and just roaming around the con floor.  Plenty of vendors and tons of Star Wars stuff, but I wasn’t really on the hunt for much.  I always enjoy The Great Philadelphia Comic Con but this year with over a dozen Star Wars signers, it was the best so far for me!  There is still one day left (sadly, I can’t make it back tomorrow), but I had a great 2 days, and if you are in the area and are free tomorrow, it’s definitely worth the price of admission!  Check out a gallery of images from around the floor, until next year! 


The Great Philadelphia Comic Con – Day 1 Image Gallery

The Great Philadelphia Comic Con kicked off today and it was full of great Star Wars guests, from Jeremy Bulloch to Taylor Gray, James Gleason, Ian McElhinney and Angela Stainers to name a few! Check out a quick gallery from today and if you are local, or even within a few hour drive, you should check out The Great Philadelphia Comic Con this weekend!