The Great Philadelphia Comic Con – Day 2 and Wrap Up

Today was way more crowded, most likely because there were several guests (like Val Kilmer) who were only there Saturday and Sunday.  I was glad I was able to get all the Star Wars autographs and meet and greets yesterday, as today the lines were so long.  3 times I tried to get back in Jeremy Bulloch’s line to help a buddy and each time it was well over 30 people, and he is not as quick as he used to be (and he loves to chat), so I ended up having to leave the line each time.  Some folks I spoke to said they waited well over 2 hours, which is crazy when on Friday he had no line and we chatted for well over 5 minutes.  Tip for next year, take the day off work and go Friday. Everyone from my Day 1 report (link here if you missed it) was also there today.  The only autograph I picked up today was Kilmer, it was steep at $80 but I have always wanted to meet him, so it was well worth it.

I hit up a few panels today, the Star Wars – a Motion Actor’s perspective with Paul Kasey and the Star Wars Bounty Hunters panel with Cathy Munroe, Bill Hargreaves, and Jeremy Bulloch! I wanted to get to the Producers Journey….From Star Wars to Framing Rabbits with Robert Watts but it was at the same time I had my ticket for Kilmer, so I missed it. 

I spent the rest of my time chatting with friends and just roaming around the con floor.  Plenty of vendors and tons of Star Wars stuff, but I wasn’t really on the hunt for much.  I always enjoy The Great Philadelphia Comic Con but this year with over a dozen Star Wars signers, it was the best so far for me!  There is still one day left (sadly, I can’t make it back tomorrow), but I had a great 2 days, and if you are in the area and are free tomorrow, it’s definitely worth the price of admission!  Check out a gallery of images from around the floor, until next year!