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The One:12 Collective Wolverine – Deluxe Steel Boxed Set is brimming with accessories, including a defeated light-up Sentinel that Wolverine can stand atop. Leader Goliath joins the Ultimate line with an appropriately large 8″ action figure, with a wingspan of 16 inches! The figure features full articulation, including on wings and tail, and comes with plenty of accessories: wings, jalapeno pepper, book, and interchangeable heads and hands. Bringing more horror to the Ultimate line, NECA presents the first figure from An American Werewolf in London, the Nightmare Demon! This Furai model kit is a modern and shape optimized Windblade version. This Black Zarak figure is inspired by the original 1988 toy release, based on the Super-God Masterforce cartoon. From the PlayStation action RPG Bloodborne comes a figma-DX of the Hunter! From Marvel Studios’ latest work “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” come the eponymous heroes as S.H.Figuarts figures!


The Marvel Comics villain Thanos seizes control of the hallowed Infinity Gauntlet and wields near-omnipotent power. Who can stop this vicious new overlord? The Masters of the Universe: Origins Prince Adam and Sky Sled is a new take on a classic. Longtime fans will love this modular sky sled that honors the traditions of the franchise and incorporates updated design details. The latest to arrive in Star Wars: The Black Series are Moff Gideon, Greef Karga and Kuiil from The Mandalorian TV series. Power Rangers Lightning Collection wave 8 arrives with four more rangers from four different series. Join the formidable bounty hunter on his journey throughout the galaxy as he protects The Child from the Empire! From completing bounties for Greef Karga to the long awaited duel with Moff Gideon himself—the path of the beloved protagonist is chronicled within these gorgeous playing cards.

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McFarlane has brought out 4 new Warhammer 40k figures with the Ultramarine Primaris Hellblaster and Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister in regular and artist proof versions. The Spider-Man: Maximum Venom Venomized Iron Man FiGPiN is a BigBadToyStore exclusive! Beloved by many fans, Waldo made his debut in a children’s puzzle book called “Where’s Wally?” in 1987 (known as “Where’s Waldo?” in the US). Blitzway has taken the character from the book and brought him into the real world. With a galaxy of features, including adorable sounds, fun animated motions, and interactive accessories, this Grogu animatronic toy is ready for action and adventure! Darth Maul, Jaxxon Rabbit, Kir Kanos and Luke Skywalker have joined Star Wars: The Black Series with their comic versions. The DC Multiverse has exploded with new figures from Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Batman Beyond and more! Aniplex+ presents the Inosuke Hashibira 1/12 scale [BUZZ mod.] action figure from the hit TV anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba! From the 5 Points series by Mezco, Popeye Classic Comic Strip box set contains Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Rough House and a Rough House’s Cafe playset.


Mandarin Spawn is here and ready to gain his revenge. As guardian of the Planet X core, Genesis’s weapons are as mighty as his ancient wisdom. His Space Cruiser mode serves as a large army transport and provides prompt counterstike! The UNO matching card game everyone loves blasts its way into the Masters of the Universe world of Eternia! Retro graphics from the series on every card make this unique pack a collectible for fans. The world of Acid Rain, modern military figures and vehicles in 1/18 scale, expands with the addition of the Selene Raider, Agent Jessie and the Revenant Laurel LA6e!

Hasbro has just announced 4 new Star Wars Black Series action figures and they’re all available at EE as of now!

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Star Wars The Black Series Darth Maul (Sith Apprentice) 6-Inch-Action FigureName: Star Wars The Black Series Jaxxon 6-Inch Action Figure Star Wars The Black Series Kir Kanos 6-Inch Action Figure Star Wars The Black Series Luke Skywalker & Ysalamiri 6-Inch Action Figures

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Joining the One:12 Collective, Destro, the weapons supplier to COBRA and leader of M.A.R.S. features his classic tactical outfit with tech enhancements, gauntlets with missile blasters, interchangeable thigh holsters, and combat boots. NECA is proud to introduce the 1/4 scale Donatello, based off his design in the 1987 classic cartoon! From 1979’s Alien comes a figures of Arthur Dallas. Another My Little Pony inspired statue joins the Bishoujo line! This time featuring Princess Luna with beautiful, glittering hair that shines just like the night sky. Disney’s Darkwing Duck is back once again in popular culture, with a new animated reboot from Disney. What are Plunderlings you ask? A little bit goblin, a little bit pirate, united with infectious charm. These greedy adorable pirates travel from island to island looking for treasure and mischief. After three years of development, Mondo is proud to officially unveil the first figure in the Marvel Mecha line: Spider-Man Mecha. Quint and the shark from the 1975 classic Jaws are joining the the adorably creepy Toony Terrors line!


Storm is excited to unveil a fan-favorite Kombatant from their incredible lineup of Mortal Kombat figures: Motaro! Motaro is a centaur-like creature with ram-like horns and a long metallic rat-like tail—called a Centaurian—and is a mighty enemy, as he has an absolute immunity to projectile attacks and even repels long range attacks back at his opponents. The 1,000th symbiote in a lineage that includes Carnage and Venom, Toxin is feared by many to be the strongest and most dangerous. Best of Muppets Series 1 features Kermit with Piggy, Gonzo with Fozzie, and Scooter with Rowlf. Jack is back! Jack Sparrow, the greatest pirate you ever heard of, is now a 7 inch action figure, based on his appearance in the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Eric Draven has returned, and the Crow lives again! This 7 inch scale deluxe action figure of the Crow is based on his trench coat-wearing appearance in the 1994 movie and features 16 points of articulation. From the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, the S.H.Figuarts Heavy Infantry Mandalorian figure is equipped with heavy beskar armor and a powerful blaster cannon.

Star Wars: Victory’s Price No-spoiler Review

Star Wars: Victory’s Price is the third and final novel released in Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy. This highly anticipated novel finally works to resolve the cliff hangers readers were left with in the previous novel, Shadow Fall.
The state of affairs for Alphabet Squadron is dire. Every time they’ve engaged the elite Imperial 204th Fighter Wing, known as “Shadow Wing” they’ve suffered heavy losses while inflicting significantly less damage than hoped. Twice they’ve kept Shadow Wing from completing its destructive mission, but just barely. The revelation of Yrica Quell’s complicity in Operation Cinder ultimately pushed her to abandon her squadron and reunite with her old mentor, Soran Keize, leaving Alphabet Squadron fractured.
The novel is set very shortly after the events in Shadow Fall, shortly before and concurrent with the battle of Jakku, the final showdown between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant. General Hera Syndulla commands the newly acquired and reconstituted star destroyer, The Deliverance, with Wyl Lark in command of its fighter squadrons. Syndulla is on a mission to rid the galaxy of the threat of Shadow Wing once and for all, especially since it’s launched a new wave of Operation Cinder leaving destroyed and uninhabitable planets in its wake. Receiving mysterious, but welcome transmissions about Shadow Wing’s whereabouts, Syndulla and Lark are hot on the trail trying to finally catch Shadow Wing off guard. 
Quell’s loyalty is in question at every turn as she slides into an advisor role for the new leader of the 204th. Keize begins to share with her his reservations about the Empire’s objectives after Endor. With the new wave of Operation Cinder targeting less-loyal Imperial factions, Keize began to question the logistics of the late emperor’s contingency plan. How many Sentinel Droids were sent to deliver the Emperor’s message beyond the grave? How did the droids choose which commanders to entrust with the message and which to exclude? With the final confrontation at Jakku looming, Keize’s search for answers to these questions fuels a personal mission to attack the heart of the Emperor’s malice. 
One of the original allures of the trilogy for me was the concept of all of my favorite starfighters forming a single, unique unit. While it was thrilling in the first novel to see these fighters work together, the squadron fighting as a whole was non-existent in Victory’s Price.This definitely was a bit of a let-down. But Alexander Freed makes up for it in delivering captivating character development, particularly with Yrica Quell and Soran Keize. Additionally, Freed does a great job of not holding back punches when diving into the brutality, spontaneity, and chaos of war. The novel’s name focuses on one of its central themes: there are no true victors in war, because even victory comes at a nearly intolerable price.
This final novel solidified for me the suspicion that Freed secretly wishes he were part of an elite Tie Fighter squadron. The respect and reference he shows for Shadow Wing throughout the novel creates a level of confusing empathy, and even nods to Karl Jung’s Shadow psychology, begging the reader to ask the question, “If I were in their shoes, would I have acted any differently?” Of all the recurring jokes about stormtroopers incompetence and terrible aim, Freed presented an Imperial unit that I frankly would be proud to be a part of. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea for the novel came from watching this fan-made video featuring the Empire’s navy functioning at its best.
All in all, Star Wars: Victory’s Price is definitely a worthy read for all Star Wars fans. If you are looking for a novel about your favorite Star Wars characters, or lightsaber battles between Jedi and Sith, this probably isn’t the novel for you. However, pick this novel up if you want to explore the moral ambiguity of war within a Star Wars context, or experience larger-scale strategy and tactics between New Republic and elite Imperial forces.
Thanks to Disney Lucasfilm Press for the review sample.