NYTF 2016: That’s a Wrap!

Here is quick guide to all the image galleries, videos and news we posted over the last 5 days.

This was our 11th year covering Toy Fair and it was a great time as always!  It’s always cold, it’s always crazy and it’s always expensive but it’s also loads of fun! Check out the summary and direct links below to each report for anything you may have missed! See you next year!


NYTF 16: Comic Images

NYTF 16: Tamashii Nations

NYTF 16: Beast Kingdom

NYTF 16: Imperial Toy Star Wars R2-D2 Bubble Machine

NYTF 16: Schylling Toys

NYTF 16: All Other Star Wars at Hasbro

NYTF 16: Kotobukiya Video Tour

NYTF 16: Vandor Booth

NYTF 16: Funko Video Star Wars Items Booth Tour

YTF 16: Funko Booth Images

NYTF 16: Kotobukiya Booth

NYTF 16: UPDATED Hasbro Star Wars Images

NYTF 16: Video Tour of Star Wars Jakks Pacific with Scott Neitlich

NYTF 16: Video Tour Star Wars items at Hasbro Fan Day Event

NYTF 16: Hasbro Fan Day Event Image Gallery

NYTF 16: Star Wars LEGO Booth Video Tour

NYTF16: Spin Master Air Hogs Debut of Star Wars Darth Vader Tie

NYTF 16: JAKKS Pacific Booth Images

NYTF 16: Spin Master Booth Images

NYTF 16: LEGO Booth Images

NYTF 16: Kotobukiya Video Tour

This year at Kotobukiya, we saw a few more new items to add to an already great lineup for 2016. Our still image gallery can be found on page 2. There is very cool new BB-8 ice tray, 2 two chopstick sets and BB-8 set with R2 and C-3PO, who will have magnets in his base do you can position him around the base. The first order Stormtroopers will come with a 3 color pauldrons so you can customize on your own and army build! Check out some close ups of all the items shown below!