Rest In Peace Peter Mayhew – 1944-2019

Via Peter’s Page:

The family of Peter Mayhew, with deep love and sadness, regrets to share the news that Peter has passed away. He left us the evening of April 30, 2019 with his family by his side in his North Texas home.

Peter was the man behind the mask of Chewbacca in the original Star Wars trilogy, episode 3 of the prequels, and the New Trilogy. He fought his way back from being wheelchair-bound to stand tall and portray Chewbacca once more in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He also consulted on The Last Jedi in an attempt to teach his successor. He put his heart and soul into the role of Chewbacca and it showed in every frame of the films from his knock kneed running, firing his bowcaster from the hip, his bright blue eyes, down to each subtle movement of his head and mouth. But, to him, the Star Wars family meant so much more to him than a role in a film.

The relationships that began then grew into the friends and family that he would love for decades to come. As the films released and became more well-known he had his eyes opened to the possibilities of what he could achieve with his role in the Star Wars universe. For more than 30 years Peter traveled all over the world spending time with his fans and friends. Peter developed lifelong friendships with the other cast members and his fans while on the convention circuit touching the lives of millions. As he realized over the years the impact he could have, he became heavily involved with the 501st legion, Wounded Warriors, Make-a-Wish, and other non-profit organizations.

To this end, he established the Peter Mayhew Foundation, supporting everything from individuals and families in crisis situations to food and supplies for children of Venezuela during their recent road to freedom. He not only provided funds but became personally involved with each individual, family and cause he supported.

As he grew older he continued to “soldier on” as he put it and was completely in his element around his fans and supporters. He grew great strength from the energy of his family, friends and the fans he knew and loved.

He is survived by his wife Angie and three children. His kindness, generosity and care will live on in the Peter Mayhew Foundation with Angie taking the helm as his voice.

There will be a memorial service for friends and family held on June 29th and in early December in Los Angeles there will be a memorial for fans set up with his family in attendance, personal effects, and collection at EmpireConLA. 

For additional information, information on the memorials or to offer condolences email

Rather than gifts and flowers the family asks that you consider donating to the foundation so that they can continue his efforts to help the community. You can donate at





Fans came to Star Wars Celebration Chicago from all over the world. Some live just a couple of hours away in a town in Illinois, some made the trek from the east and west coasts of the United States, and some even settled in for hours on a plane from places as far away as England, Spain, and Japan. The one thing that surrounds them and binds them all together? Their love of the galaxy far, far away.Steve Jackson didn’t have to go far to reach the bustling halls of the convention center from Chicago, being from the Windy City area himself. But it was his first ever Star Wars Celebration, he said. To mark the occasion, Jackson dressed as the striking Count Dooku, and the resemblance was uncanny.

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Entertainment Earth Sale On Roddenberry Items

Entertainment Earth is having a sale from March 20th-29th on Roddenberry items (Star Trek). We  know we’re a Star Wars site, but some of our visitors are Star Trek fans, too, so we wanted to pass on this great deal you will want to jump on early (like now)

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Entertainment Earth

Nick Nolte Joins ‘The Mandalorian’ got the exclusive scoop:

Veteran actor Nick Nolte has joined the cast of The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars series that will launch on Disney’s streaming Service, Disney+.

The known cast includes Pedro Pascal and Gina Carano. The series, which is already in production, is heavy on visual effects, costumes and makeup, which will allow actors to come and go as well as, in some cases, be cast later in the production process than usual.

Jon Favreau wrote the series and is executive producing along with Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson and Dave Filoni. Filoni will also direct episodes, as will with Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow.

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Adam Driver Won’t Take Pictures With Fans for Charity?


Adam Driver knows his worth, and he won’t sell his soul—not even for charity.

In a wide-ranging conversation with Vulture published Monday, the 34-year-old actor spoke frankly about what he will and won’t do to support Arts in the Armed Forces, the nonprofit organization he started a decade ago. Through various fundraising efforts, the organization says it aims to bring “high-quality arts programming to active duty service members, veterans, military support staff and their families around the world free of charge.” Driver, who served for two years and eight months in the United States Marine Corps, could leverage his celebrity status to promote his cause—particularly as he’s a prominent player in the current Star Wars trilogy. But, as he tells the magazine, the fame game isn’t something he’s interested in playing.

Admittedly, Driver said, “In terms of this nonprofit, we could probably be doing even better financially if I wasn’t one of the people at the head because I’m so unwilling to do so many things—or talk to people in general.” Moreover, he said he wants to avoid “getting into favors.”

“It’s not about me and Star Wars. It’s about the people that we’re trying to serve,” Driver said, matter-of-factly. “And if you don’t get that, then I’d rather not be associated with your money.”

“I didn’t used to feel comfortable fundraising. Like, ‘Yeah we’re interested in your mission but could you take a picture with my daughter? She’s a big Star Wars fan and if you do that I’ll give you $100,000.’ No, I’m not going to take it. Is there nobody that is just philanthropic for the sake of it? Is there always some picture with your kid? I don’t want AITAF things to turn into Star Wars events,” said Driver, who was never deployed. “But then you say, ‘No,’ and you’ve pissed somebody off. I don’t know that I ever handled that badly; I just took it too personally.”

Even now, Driver added he will “still say no” to people who make similar offers.

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Ashley Eckstein Signing Autographs and Much More at NYCC!

Topps and Star Wars Authentics has a great range of activities planned for New York Comic Con next week!

First revealed here on Monday, September 24, 2018, On Friday October 5th at 10am the one and only Ashley Eckstein, Ahsoka Tano herself, will be signing Star Wars Authentics autographs at Topps Booth 454!  The first 50 fans who lineup at the booth will get a free Star Wars Authentics photo signed by Ashley Eckstein!

Star Wars Authentics will also have a range of autographed photos for sale at highly discounted show prices.   Autographs include 20 different signers with Harrison Ford, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Felicity Jones, Hayden Christensen, Ray Park and many more!

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Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story Starts – Card #16 – Beckett On The Snowy Plains of Vandor-1

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