Via Starwars.com:

Memorial Day weekend 1987, Starlog Magazine held the first-ever Star Wars Convention for it’s 10th Anniversary. The official title was, “Starlog Salutes Star Wars–A 10th Anniversary Tribute to George Lucas and the Galaxy Far, Far Away Which He Created!” Personally, I prefer my title – Star Wars Celebration 0.

The convention was going to take place in that far, far away land known as Los Angeles. As a teenager living in Boston, MA at the time it was going to be difficult to get myself all the way across the country. I had missed weddings, family reunions and court dates but I was not going to miss this!

Starlog Magazine began to list confirmed Celebrity guests. The closest I ever got to meet anyone associated with a Star Wars film was when I met Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz’s wife at Bos-Con in 1985. Now here was an opportunity to see in-person Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams, Ralph McQuarrie and George Lucas himself!

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