With a $392 million worldwide gross, Solo: A Star Wars Story might have been a hit, had it not cost $275 million to make, with a mid-stream change in directors responsible for more cost overruns than most Star Wars features. However, the switch from Chris Miller and Phil Lord to Ron Howard did lead to at least one fan-favorite moment onscreen: the return of Ray Park’s Maul (no longer a “Darth,” per the animated series continuity) in a surprise cameo that may or may not set up future films. “I found out last June/July when we were in Guatemala,” he tells me, a time which, unbeknownst to him, coincided with Howard stepping into the director’s chair. “I got the phone call from Lynne Hale from Lucasfilm. And it was really nice of her, because she said to me ‘Ray, we’re just calling to see if you would like to do it.’ And I went [inhales slowly] ‘Yeah. Do you want me on the plane now?’” He ended up filming in October, towards the end of production.

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