For Any Fangirl
This Con Season
The Fangirls Coloring Book

Are you a Fangirl? Know someone who is? For geeky girls who love comics, sci-fi, gaming, cosplay and everything else celebrated in the wonderful world of fandom, Her Universe Press now has the ultimate accessory – the Fangirls Coloring Book! With convention season upon us, and warm summer days, fangirls can relax with the perfect coloring book or pass the time entertaining themselves while waiting in the long lines at sci-fi/comic conventions with this handy “must have” for any nerdy girl from 1 to 100!

Featuring fun Illustrations by fan favorite artist Katie Cook and authored by Katie and Her Universe founder, and voice of Star Wars’ Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein, the Fangirl Coloring Book features a colorful variety of fangirls from the world of geekdom. Choose from over 15 different fangirls on 50-single-sided pages to find the ones that are most like you! Written and illustrated by two ultimate fangirls, and designed with a spirited love for nerdy girls and their interests, the Fangirls Coloring Book will provide any true fangirl with hours of fun, empowering, geeky expression and the creative joy of coloring! The Fangirls Coloring Book is NOW AVAILABLE online at

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