Star Wars Celebration Anaheim saw the premiere of the Celebration Podcast Stage, and with it, fans got to experience some of their favorite podcasts live! Located in room 208A of the Anaheim Convention Center, the Podcast Stage allowed for fans to enjoy many different types of Star Wars podcasts in person, as well as the opportunity to interact with listeners, both old and new. Before the show took place, I asked Mary Franklin of ReedPop (formerly of Lucasfilm) how the Podcast Stage came to be.

Star This will be the first Podcast Stage at Celebration. How did the idea come about?

Mary Franklin: We’ve had a lot of requests from podcasters over the years to broadcast from Celebration, but we just didn’t have a place that random podcasting fit very well. I was thinking about it, and all the really good Star Wars podcasts that are out there, and thought “Why don’t we try a dedicated Podcast Stage?”

Star What has the response been like, both from podcasters and from fans?

Mary Franklin: The response from the podcasters has been outstanding, and I think we have a really good group represented at the show. We had to turn good ones away because we just didn’t have the time to fit them all in. I look forward to sticking my head in the Podcast Stage often to see how it’s going. I look forward to hearing the subjects the podcasters choose to report on at Celebration, too!

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