Rey and Pals is the fifth instalment of the international bestselling book series. In 2012, Jeffrey Brown, a lifelong Star Wars fan and father to an active toddler, published Darth Vader and Son, a hilarious and sweet reimagining of the Star Wars story that became an instant best-seller. Three other books followed, including Vader’s Little Princess, Goodnight Darth Vader and Darth Vader and Friends.

This summer, the next book to launch in the popular series is Rey and Pals, featuring the brand-new adventures of a young Rey and Kylo, Finn and Poe, Hux and Phasma, and, Rose and BB-8. Whether it’s Kylo trying to use the Force to cheat at Go Fish, Poe bowling with BB-8, or Rey lifting rocks to play hide and seek, Jeffrey Brown’s charmingly hilarious vision will delight Star Wars fans of all ages.

On sale: August 20, 2019 – Pre-order via this link or click below for only $10.89