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SHOP STAR WARS @Dorksidetoys NOW –  Black Series Wave Five is now available for pre-order. Going to be one of those waves with figures that will be tough to track down in the form of Ree Yees & Skiff Guard Sgt Doallyn as singly packed. Again pre-ordering solves that issue. We also have Saga legends, Mission Series, Mafex, Jumbo Vintage & More which are all available. Brand new unreleased 6″ inch figures from $14.99 and 3.75″ from $2.99.  Loose figures too!
SHOP MARVEL @Dorksidetoys NOW – Marvel Infinite Avengers Wave Two Is IN STOCK NOW. Wave Three & Four coming very soon so make sure you pre-order quickly. Plus X-Men Marvel Legends are also now available for pre-order along with The soon to arrive Guardians Of The Galaxy Legends from only $12.99. Plus other Marvel Legends from only $7.99. Plus check out Marvel  Minis, classic Marvel Universe, Iron Man & many more in our Marvel super section.
SHOP FUNKO RETRO @DorksideToys NOW – With some of your favourite characters from just about every franchise available, Retro reaction figures are just uber cool. From Firefly to BTTF, The Goonies (yay!), The Crow, Predator, Buffy, Pulp Fiction and more. Bring out the gimp!
SHOP THE WALKING DEAD @DorksideToys NOW – We have brand new Walking Dead figures coming soon plus waves starting at only $29.99 for four figures and some singles at $6.99. Make sure you check out Mystery Minis & Pop! Vinyl too.

SHOP BATMAN @DorksideToys NOW – Batman 1/4 Scale NECA is truly a stunning figure and it’s in stock. Grab this total gem of a figure now, quickly! Make sure you also pre-order the Joker 1/4 scale coming soon. We also have the Brand New MAFEX Dark Knight Joker plus Arkham Asylum, City & retro cool Batman 1966 and Fabrikations figures.


SHOP GI JOE @DorksideToys NOW – If you were a smart cookie and pre-ordered our new GI JOE FSS 3.0 figures, you got them at our deeply reduced early bird price, but their normal price is still hard to beat, so check them out-new Joes on new cards! We also have FSS 2.0, KRE-O’s, and lots of yet even more freshly restocked Retaliation figures too. (You guys cannot get enough of these!) Serious Joe collector? Check out AFA graded GI JOES too!