A New Era for Star Wars, a New Look for YodasNews

Hey, friends! We’ve pretty much kept things as they have been here for the last 10+ years, but since we turned 10 in February, we’ve been working toward a brand new site. After much discussion and planning, we launched it this weekend.

You’ll still have daily news, giveaways, and everything you are used to. None of the content will change, just the way you see and interact with it. Our social media following has grown at a terrific but surprising rate over the last two years, and we get emails almost daily asking when we will make the site easier to use for those who want to share our content with others, something our old design here did not do very well. The fact is, Twitter and Facebook interaction is where we are in 2014. With the new movies and television series on the horizon, everyone from the directors to actors are using those two sites to reach out to fans. We want to provide seamless interaction for you, our readers, and the way you choose to share and enjoy our content.

Apologies in advance for any downtime this weekend, we are still making small tweaks and changes, but enjoy the new format!