Review: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Black Series 6″ Walmart Exclusive

Luke Jedi Knight is one of my favorite figures of all time in any form. This figure is a great addition to the 6 inch line. This one is Luke entering Jabba’s Palace before he gets his right hand damaged, so no gloved hand. The accessories are just the lightsaber and blaster, both are really good. This figure comes with a clear triangle stand, which is a good idea but terribly executed. They put the spot for the foot in the front corner so you can’t have the figure standing in any kind of natural stance. The black figure stand I use in these pics can be bought on Ebay, click here!
The cloak is fantastic in my opinion, love the way it lays on the figure. The hood has enough room to pose it in any way you want. The figure itself is really good. The articulation is spot on like most 6 inch figures. The legs are loose in the hip and crotch joints. Which is not a problem with a figure stand. Without a figure stand this figure will be hard to pose. Overall I love this figure. The face could be better, but I’m happy with it and for $19.99 it’s worth it to me.