Review: Amazon Exclusive Chewbacca and C-3PO (w/ removable limbs)

I was really skeptical about this figure to start with, because I remember Kenner’s original figure back in the day didn’t work. If I remember correctly the modern 3 3/4″ version didn’t work either, so I was skeptical about this one. Well this one actually works!! The net is not very big but stretches easily and holds the torso, arms and legs just fine.

As you can see in the pics that Chewbacca holds him in the net just fine and stands perfectly. Now for the details: Chewbacca is great like the others released with plenty of articulation, so Chewbacca is not really new but is a great figure. This version of C-3PO is good. It looks a little weird with the arms and legs off with wiring showing, but once you put him in the net it looks great. Hasbro did good by giving instructions with this figure. Good idea.

The arms pop in pretty easy, the legs are a little harder to get in but once put together it’s good. He has lots of articulation. The arms are really good and the legs are good but could be better. I really like the paint job on C-3PO, not too much but enough. It’s pretty simple to handle and change around. Overall I love this set, and at $49.99 to me it is worth it.

The black figure stand DOES NOT come with this set. They can be purchased at this link and you can still get Chewbacca and C-3PO (w/ removable limbs) for $49.99 and free shipping at this link



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Hello, what have we here? is thrilled to reveal runDisney’s upcoming Star Wars Rival Run Weekend medals, all featuring beautiful character art, clever design, and a few surprises. Thanks to the “rival” themes of the races, each medal actually includes two characters or vehicles: the 5K medal features Ahsoka Tano on one side and Darth Maul on the other; Princess Leia and a stormtrooper adorn the 10K medal; Darth Vader dominates one side of the half marathon medal, while Yoda brings light with a flip of the image; the Rival Run Challenge medal features a Resistance X-wing, which can spin to instead highlight a First Order TIE fighter. So whether you’re more Jedi or Sith, Rebellion or Empire, or Resistance or First Order, your medal can show your true allegiance.

Check them all out below, including new, gorgeous medals for the Kessel Run Challenge, Virtual Half Marathon, and kids races.

 runDisney Star Wars Rival Run Weekend - Ahsoka Tano 5K medal

Review: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Black Series 6″ Walmart Exclusive

Luke Jedi Knight is one of my favorite figures of all time in any form. This figure is a great addition to the 6 inch line. This one is Luke entering Jabba’s Palace before he gets his right hand damaged, so no gloved hand. The accessories are just the lightsaber and blaster, both are really good. This figure comes with a clear triangle stand, which is a good idea but terribly executed. They put the spot for the foot in the front corner so you can’t have the figure standing in any kind of natural stance. The black figure stand I use in these pics can be bought on Ebay, click here!
The cloak is fantastic in my opinion, love the way it lays on the figure. The hood has enough room to pose it in any way you want. The figure itself is really good. The articulation is spot on like most 6 inch figures. The legs are loose in the hip and crotch joints. Which is not a problem with a figure stand. Without a figure stand this figure will be hard to pose. Overall I love this figure. The face could be better, but I’m happy with it and for $19.99 it’s worth it to me.

Sarlacc Pit Podcast 114: The Mandalorian

Matt and Chris are back with another great episode of the Sarlacc Pit. This time we are joined by Mark as well and we discuss Force Friday and lack of product. Also we delve into the The Rise of Skywalker trailer and we talk about the first two episodes of The Manadalorian. So grab your Mando action figure and click below and join in on the fun at the official podcast of!

Review: Black Series 6″ Scout Trooper Archive Edition

This figure was first released as a set with his Speeder Bike, so this is a welcomed re-released single carded figure. Army builder if you will. This is a great figure with lots of articulation and a great paint job. Accessories are his blaster only. I wish he would have more accessories, like a removable helmet and flip up visor. I love the articulation of the knees. You have knee movement above and below the knee for even more possible poses. Thighs pivot side to side which is great, plus the bend at the hips. Like I said lots of great articulation. I wish they would also release a clean white version at some point, but overall this is a great figure and one you definitely need more than one of. I think this one even with only having a blaster is worth the $20 price tag. As of this posting you can grab one now for only $16 at this link via Amazon