IDW Publishing surprised fans this past April with news that the San Diego-based company would publish a new ongoing, all-ages series titled Star Wars Adventures — rather than Marvel, which already publishes a line of Star Wars comics and shares Disney as a corporate parent.

Soon after the announcement, CBR spoke to Greg Goldstein, President and Chief Operating Officer of IDW, at the C2E2 convention in Chicago. Goldstein discussed why IDW was the right home for Star Wars Adventures, and what type of stories to expect from the September-debuting series.

The conversation then moved to details about IDW’s newly announced DuckTales and Tangled comics, and moved on to IDW’s approach to licensed children’s comics in general.

CBR: Let’s start with the Star Wars Adventures comics. How are your comics different from Marvel’s, and why are these comics with IDW?

Greg Goldstein: The former question is easier to answer in that we are doing the all-ages comics. Marvel has been doing some amazing, great Star Wars comics, some of the best Star Wars comics ever done, and they are really for the more mature Star Wars readers. I don’t mean adult with a capital A, but the storylines are sophisticated, they are PG-13, they are continuing stories, they are longer stories, and Disney/Lucas/Marvel, which is all one happy family, really wanted an all-ages version of Star Wars out there for younger readers.

We have had great success with the all-ages comics, whether it’s My Little Pony or Skylanders or what we’ve done on [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Adventures, and so forth. We’ve done Disney classic titles with Disney, we have great relationships with all three companies, and already we are working with Marvel on the Star Wars Artist’s Editions and the [minicomics that come with IDW’s Fun Packs]. I don’t like to speak for another company, but Marvel especially wanted to focus on the more mature titles that fit in with the core kinds of superhero stories they tell, and there was room for somebody that has already got a lot of all-ages material, and somebody that they already trust to work in that world.

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