Star Wars Battlefront: Disney Has been ‘Very Supportive’

EA’s Patrick Soderlund has said Disney has been “very supportive” of the publisher’s work on Star Wars Battlefront in an interview with

The development team at DICE has visited the Star Wars archives on numerous occasions and discussed matters with both Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound to ensure the look and feel of the game is as authentic as possible.

Soderlund admitted that recreating the Star Wars universe in this way has been “difficult” but it’s also “super cool”.

Discussing EA’s relationship with Lucasfilm owner Disney, Soderlund commented, “Disney has been very supportive. Everyone said ‘big licenses are hard to work with, the licensors.’ There’s been a lot of guidelines and rules that you need to follow, but they’ve been very simple, and they’ve always felt right to follow them. We’ve never had a big, ‘what are you guys thinking, putting Jabba the Hutt here? That makes no sense.’

“So yes, there’s obviously a lot of work that goes into making sure that it’s approved and everything, but it’s never been a big issue for us, which is pretty cool.”

Soderlund has previously compared DICE’s work on Battlefront to Rockstead’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and said the combination of developer and franchise is a “match made in heaven”.

Star Wars Battlefront launches for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 17th.