Star Wars Crafts Event

Angie Olson hopes a new class will take children to a galaxy far, far away.

At least in their imaginations.

Area children are invited to Star Wars Galactic Crafts from 1:30-3:30 p.m. Saturday in the Fremont Area Art Association building, 92 W. Sixth St., Fremont.

“We are going to join the Force and create lots of galaxy crafts, including a Darth Vader magnet, Chewbacca bookmark and R2-D2 storage container,” Olson said.

Boys and girls ages 5 and older are invited, but children a little younger also may attend. Olson figures more boys will come to this event than have come to the princess craft classes.

The cost is $12 for FAAA members and $15 for non-members. Pre-registration is required.

Olson believes children who attend will benefit in many ways.

For one, they can learn to use everyday objects to make something new — like part of a plastic Easter egg, a toilet paper roll and a plastic bottle cap to make a small R2-D2 storage container.

Olson likes the resourcefulness and creativity that the class offers.

Figuring out little things as children could lead to bigger ideas when they become adults.

“I feel like it helps with problem-solving later in life,” she said.

A situation on the real-life Apollo 13 mission in 1970 might just prove her theory correct.

After an accident damaged the ship and carbon dioxide levels threatened the astronauts’ lives, spacecraft systems engineers had to find a solution, incorporating items in the ship.

The engineers came up with a “contraption,” using items such as duct tape, plastic bags and cardboard. The astronauts built the contraption, which worked.

Olson sees other advantages to creating items from everyday objects.

“It helps with confidence and it can become a hobby,” she said.

And it lends itself to recycling.

“Our tendency is to throw things away,” she said. “If we can find new uses for objects then we’ll not pollute the earth.”

At the same time, Olson believes the class will be enjoyable.

“I hope they come and have fun and take a break from the real world and join us in our fantasy world for an afternoon,” she said.

Olson also said the class will focus on the earlier Star Wars movies. She likes the message that one can overcome obstacles without force and by relinquishing fear.

She likes a phrase used by Yoda in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

“A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack,” the Jedi Master said.

In regard to Olson’s class, Yoda also might say this:

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.”

To register, stop by the art association at 92 W. Sixth St. or download the registration form at and submit it with payment to the art association. For more information, call 402-721-7779 or email