Loot Crate announced, for the first time ever, STAR WARS will be taking over its monthly DX crate. Just in time for the new film, The Last Jedi, the crate will be filled with awesome, exclusive items, making it a perfect Holiday gift for fans. In partnership with Hasbro, the crate will include one of the new figures in their fan-favorite collectible line, Mighty Muggs, which officially launches in January 2018.

The Rey Mighty Mugg Figure is the first form factor to hit the market, which features Rey by herself vs. with other characters. This month’s Loot Crate DX Star Wars Crate will be on-sale until December 19th, beginning at $43.99 USD ($75+ retail value).

Lastly, Loot Crate is also partnering with Nvidia to give the ultimate Star Wars fans the opportunity to win 2 limited edition Star Wars GeForce Titan Graphics Cards, which just went on presale for $1,200, and will be included in the DX Mega Crate.